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Headshot Photo Credit - Zoë Birkbeck

I am a composer, visual artist and PhD researcher at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp. I use a blend of traditional scoring, electronic music and multi-sensory art to compose new music that is inclusive of under-heard voices through collaborations with my neurodiversity ensemble 'Nth Tangent', fellow trauma survivors and children with severe and complex needs and learning differences. My art and music moves through big shifts, reflecting a state of co-authorship brought about by my having DID, a dissociative disorder where different parts of my identity are in control of my behaviour at different times, each with their own memories, patterns of thinking, ages and genders. I am currently composer in residence with MATRIX Centre for New Music in Belgium and am also touring my Arts Council funded project 'An Adventure with a Ball Pool' - a series of multi-sensory pieces that invites audiences to consider the spectrum of human experience through interactions with an illuminated ball pool.


I completed my Masters and a Fellowship at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in 2017 where I received the school's 'Starred Award for Exceptional Performance'. In 2021 I received Arts Council funding to write, record and perform my 'Express Yourself Sensory Opera' for children with PMLD (Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities) and had my audiovisual work 'Geoffian Moon' selected for the eviMus international music festival in Germany. In 2022, I was one of 6 Guildhall graduates to be awarded the Futures Fund to write a new piece called 'Grounded Creation' about music, self-regulation and feeling safe.

Over the past 6 years, I have premiered works at the ARTICULATE

festival and Collaborations are More Refreshing than

New Socks at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp

in Belgium and at Guildhall School of Music

and Drama, Barbican's OpenFest

and TATE Modern in London.


Here is an article I wrote introducing me and some of my other identities in my DID system for the beginning of my composer in residence with MATRIX Centre for New Music. Intro in dutch, article itself is in English!

My published article 'The Polyvagal Pallette as Artistic Concept - The Creation of the Audiovisual Composition Octopus' featuring a still from my piece Octopus as the book's cover.

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