"highlight of the

        afternoon was a compelling and beautifully crafted chamber work by postgraduate fellow of Guildhall and talented composer Geoffa Fells. Her command of dissonant harmonic language, counterpoint and individual techniques combined cleverly with the accompanying visual imagery... she has the potential to be an important voice in the continuing evolution of British Contemporary Music."

Neil March, Composer

I use my multi-media compositional voice and my socially engaged practice to highlight and advocate for the lives of those subject to prejudice, oppression and stigma. I am a PhD researcher at the Royal Conservatoire of Antwerp, investigating how new, multi-media music can challenge gender based violence and traditional gender roles. Using questionnaires, drawings, collaboration and socially engaged workshop practice, I aim to listen to survivors and underrepresented voices in order to represent snapshots of whole lives rather than of violence as an isolated problem. Drawing inspiration from the natural world, I translate difficult and triggering topics into immersive, metaphorical worlds to make discussing them less threatening and easier to understand. Imagination is a key component of my creative voice, as a doorway to limitless possibilities and as the seed of empathy in nurturing understanding for lives that are different from our own.

As well as my PhD, I am a music specialist for children with severe and complex needs and disabilities at Cherry Garden School, London. I encourage and validate non-verbal children to communicate and express themselves through music-making, performance and intensive interaction techniques. I also play trumpet for ‘The Messengers’ Band, an inclusive outreach project run by the Guildhall School of Music and Drama and St Mungo’s to support people recovering from homelessness. Through group music making, the band members gain confidence, leadership and communication skills as well as an improvement in their wellbeing.