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Nth Tangent

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London based neurodiverse ensemble

Nth Tangent are an ensemble of neurodiverse musicians who aim to work in ways that cherish and celebrate their neurodiversity through forging more inclusive individual and collaborative arts practices and live performances. They have been researching how play, friendship and social connection, movement, meditation, multi-sensory environments and interaction with nature (techniques that are well researched in their capacity to calm the nervous system) can be diversified and explored as modes of making. They recently performed a collection works titled 'An Adventure with a Ball Pool' which invited the audience  to consider the spectrum of human through interactions with an illuminated ball pool, with the plain balls being a metaphor for unseen difference and disability.


Drop the Ball

We opened our gig with a collective filling of the ball pool.

Öztan Aydin-Corbett - Voice, Harmonium, Poet

Öztan is a London based, Irish-Turkish poet, musician and facilitator. Known by other guises, he can be found overtone singing, scribbling down bars (rhymes), monologuing and improvising in urban environments such as around water, in tunnels, or on a local old railway track. He studied at Goldsmiths College and at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama. His work draws from lived experience as a survivor and is concerned with voice, wellbeing and youth.  My dream is to tell how we rewrite our stories.

Geoffa Fells - Composer, Voice, Visual Artist


Geoffa is a composer, visual artist, PhD researcher and graduate of Guildhall School of Music and Drama. Geoffa’s art reflects a state of co-authorship because they have DID, a dissociative disorder where different parts of their identity are in control at different times, each with their own memories, patterns of thinking, ages and genders. In 2022, Geoffa was one of 6 Guildhall graduates to be awarded the Futures Fund for their project ‘Grounded Creation’ about composition, co-regulation and feeling safe and most recently, Geoffa has been awarded a substantial Arts Council award to extend this project through a series of compositions with their neurodiversity ensemble ‘Nth Tangent’.

Gustavo Clayton-Marucci - Clarinets

Graduate of the GSMD, Gustavo has studied under Iain Ballamy, Stuart Hall and Gareth Lockrane and has performed at the Tower of London with jazz legend Wynton Marsalis and his Jazz at Lincoln Center Orchestra as well as appearing on stage with musicians as disparate as Steve Reich and Arun Ghosh, and London luminaries ranging from old-school jazzer Laurie Morgan to mould-breaking Radio3 star Shabaka Hutchings of Sons of Kemet fame. His work has included studio sessions, tours in the UK and abroad, multi-

Vicky Richmond - Oboe, Composer

media performance art projects, a wide variety of live events and EP recordings with some very disparate bands including Topol’ana, Odd Unit and Cardboard Wolf. Most recently he has worked alongside Palestinian oud virtuoso Saied Silbak, bandleader and Early Jazz expert Ewan Bleach as well as recording with Mathew Reed, Louise Balkwilland Giles Thornton.

Vicky Richmond is an oboist, pianist, composer and community music practitioner who studied with John Anderson, Gareth Hulse and Olivier Stankiewicz at the Royal College of Music. As a member of Paraorchestra, she has performed a wide variety of works with them for their Sky Arts Documentary Re-inventing the Orchestra with Charles Hazlewood. She has also performed with the RCM Philharmonic and Symphony Orchestras and is delighted to be a member of Nth Tangent Neurodiversity Ensemble.Vicky has always been pleased to share her love of music and regularly engages in outreach projects in schools and care homes.

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