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Language has both rhythm and pitch, can it also be music?

'Tree Language' is a long term visual art and composition project. It is a both a brand new composition as well as being a brand new language.

The characters in the language come from the shapes of tree branches, the pronunciations are what was heard and noted down when each symbol was discovered.

The language is being constantly developed with new symbols and meanings emerging. Research into trees' communication systems is also constantly shaping the grammar rules.


My favourite book about trees - 'The Secret Life of Trees' by Peter Wohleben

I am keeping the meanings of the language symbols a secret, however you can listen to excerpts of the language spoken next to the trees from which I sourced the languages' visuals and sounds.

The written and spoken possibilities of this work are expansive, especially now that the number of symbols exceeds 300, with each symbol expressing: 'being', 'doing' and 'having' qualities.

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