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Just incase it isn't already obvious, I really love collaborating.

TRUMPET VINE 2021 // Animation


ALTO FLUTE Ine Vanoeveren

VIDEO Geoffa Fells

For this animation, I took the hummingbird's attraction to the Trumpet Vine as the starting point, delving into the world of colour that it sees, including colours that we can only imagine.

Commissioned by flautist Ine Vanoeveren, composed by jason Eckardt, animated by me.

TESTING THE WATER 2020 // Music Video


VIDEO Geoffa Fells

EDITOR Simon Young

This is my first ever music video, made for the beautiful song 'Testing the Water' written and recorded by Paul Reynolds.

The song is about metaphorically diving into the water, the unknown, away from a familiar relationship that has come to an end. I used everyday objects associated with the mundane 'couple' life as well as animated watercolour paintings.

SEIS METROS 2017 // Embroidered Ribbon Score

'Seis Metros' was named after the Portuguese Haberdasher's exclamation at our request for six metres of ribbon. We embroidered the shape of the acacia seed pods along the ribbon so that they would create a sonic texture when pulled through the instruments in a loop.

The acacia seeds were abundant in the area, forming a crunchy red carpet under the trees.

EMBROIDERY Geoffa Fells, Lucy French

CELLO Lucy French

GUITAR Paul Reynolds

RE-ORDERING THE UNCONSUMED 2016 // Two Cellos and Film

MUSIC Sylvia Lim

VISUALS Geoffa Fells

CELLOS Natasha Zielazinski, Chris Brown

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