I am a music specialist for children with severe and complex needs and disabilities at Cherry Garden School, London. I have also taught at Lark Hall Centre for Autism, Haymerle school and TUKE school using multi-sensory songs written specifically for special needs.


In both group and 1:1 sessions, I encourage and validate non-verbal children to communicate and express themselves through music-making, performance and intensive interaction techniques. I use my level 2 marathon sign language training, chat boards and eye gaze technology to make my songs and sessions as participatory as possible.


To The Moon is about flying to the moon on a silver spoon to take a photograph of the Earth for the people you love.

To sing this song, we use laminated spoons and cameras for the actions and trays of flour or sand to experience walking on the moon.

Tornado is an action song that uses colourful scarves and drums.

A Weekend in A Tree is a song to develop and learn musical anticipation. Can the children anticipate and pretend to catch Kylie (Cherry Garden School) when she falls from the tree?